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The family del Pino has been producing oils in Montalbán de Córdoba since 1939. The initiative corresponded to Manuel del Pino Cañete, who began the production of oils using hydraulic presses and jars of which some are still preserved in the current winery.



Our company is located in the south of the province of Cordoba. The typology of the soil in this area is varied, however a limestone soil predominates, extraordinary for the cultivation of vines and olive groves, as it has the capacity to maintain humidity for a long time and at the same time has a great drainage, which promotes the health of the plants, in this case, the olive trees.

The most typical variety of the area is the olive tree Hojiblanco, although the Picual is also very extended and is more and more numerous the Arbequino and finally, not a few plots of Picudo. This mixture of varieties, together with the characteristics of the soil, in a horizon of undulating hills allow us to obtain oils of the highest quality.

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