The Family del Pino Has Been Producing Oils In Montalbán Of Córdoba Since 1939.

The family del Pino has been producing oils in Montalbán de Córdoba since 1939. The initiative corresponded to Manuel del Pino Cañete, who began the production of oils using hydraulic presses and jars of which some are still preserved in the current winery.

Later his son Luis del Pino Nieto, built a new oil mill, which was called Santa Ana. It is currently used with a storage capacity of approximately 960,000 liters. at that time.

Luis Del Pino Is Today A Modern Oil Mill,

with sufficient milling capacity so that all the olives we receive are transformed in the same day under the highest quality and efficiency controls allowed by current techniques.

In 1998, Luis del Pino, S.L. took over the oil mill. formed by the widow and the sons of Luis del Pino; and in 2017 a complete replacement of the machinery was carried out, from the reception hoppers, which were extended to a third one, passing through the classification hoppers, whose group currently consists of 8; up to the milling machinery; in which we now have four lines that allow us to produce oils of the highest quality by separating the different varieties of olives grown in the area, as well as extra virgin organic oils and exceptional payments, in order to produce the most exquisite and genuine qualities possible. At the same time, the storage volume was increased to 2,000,000 litres.